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Analytical laboratory
ORLEN Eko has an accredited Analytical laboratory located in Włocławek. This Laboratory carries out a number of tests of samples within the following scope for interested entities and for the Natural Environment Monitoring needs:
  • wastewater (raw and treated),
  • consumption water (control and review monitoring), pool water,
  • surface waters,
  • underground and leachate waters (for the needs of monitoring storage sites),
  • soils (intended for the use of municipal sewage sludge),
  • agricultural soils and soils polluted as a result of industrial activities (for the needs of initial (baseline) reports),
  • municipal sewage sludge,
  • waste (tests of conformity enabling assessment of a possibility of storing waste on a storage site),
  • microscopic analysis of activated sludge,
  • industrial oils contaminated with PCB.
We offer analyses of air samples (work environment, emission) and waste-gas samples (emission) taken by Customers with the use of sorbent tubes, filters (e.g. thoracic fraction of sulphuric acid) or wash baths/drilling fluids.
Customer confidence is a priority to us. Therefore, we make all efforts so that tests conducted by us will be carried out not only in a professional manner, but also in the most credible, reliable and impartial way.
We hold an accreditation of the Polish Centre for Accreditation (AB 835) and necessary decisions of the County Sanitary Inspector.

In order to maintain a high level of our laboratory services we conduct an internal quality control on a current basis, participate in proficiency testing / interlaboratory comparisons and permanently enhance competences of personnel conducting tests.

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