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Work safety and firefighting prevention
The law regulations in the area of work safety and firefighting prevention put lots of obligations on the employers regarding ensuring the safe working conditions for their employees. ORLEN Eko meets the employers’ needs by offering the following services.
  1. complex services in the area of work safety and firefighting prevention,
  2. trainings for employers and employees.
By starting the co-operation with us you will find the solution to many problems that may occur during the operation of the business. In the course of the complex work safety and firefighting prevention we offer:
  1. consulting on work safety and firefighting safety issues,
  2. carrying out audits regarding working conditions and law regulation observance;
  3. preparing the annual analysis of working condition state and accidents occurence;
  4. preparation of post - accident documentation;
  5. preparation of the documentation of work risk analysis;
  6. preparation of the following documents: 
    • Job instructions,
    • Firefighting prevention instructions,
    • Work safety and hygiene instructions,
    • Documents of anti explosion prevention,
  7. initial and periodic work safety and firefighting prevention trainings for different professional groups,
  8. representing the employer in the contacts with the state administration controlling the working conditions,
  9. reporting to the employer on spotted faults in the observance of working conditions,
  10. work safety coordination during the investment and overhaul tasks.

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