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Environment Protection
In the reality of constantly changing regulations on environment protection, their broad content and complexity, we offer our customers Professional and complex help, as well as performing for them the duties resulting from the regulations that apply to them.

Our offer includes:
Preparing the relevant documentation to obtain:
  • water intake / wastewater discharge permits,
  • emission to the ambient air permit,
  • documentation necessary for the integrated permit,
  • decision on the environmental conditions of an investment,
  • permits for waste management,
  • CO2 trading permit.
  • environmental impact assessment studies and reports on investment environmental impact on different stages of their execution,
  • post - completion analysis of the investment tasks,
  • ecological reviews of the enterprise,
  • programmes for hazardous waste management and the information on the waste produced,
  • documentation on ambient air protection,
  • water intake and wastewater discharge studies,
  • updating of the cards of characteristics of the dangerous substances,
  • monitoring of the emission to the ambient air,
  • complex monitoring of the ground and ground water environment,
  • ground water, wastewater and soil sampling.
Calculation of:
  • environment usage fee,
  • product fee.
Carrying out the advisory services resulting from European Union regulation regarding REACH.

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