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Environment Monitoring
Environment Monitoring Department annually takes about:
  • ca. 3000 samples of water, hydrocarbon products, wastewater and soil;
  • ca. 150 samples of dust for filters;
  • ca. 200 samples of exhaust gases on sorption pipes;
  • ca.80 samples of exhaust gases in other containers (baloons, pipettes) 
    and executes:
  • ca. 130 measurements of exhaust gases to the ambient air;
  • ca. 1500 of field samples for the definition of physical and chemical properties of water and wastewater.
All the sampling and measurements are executed in a trustworthy, reliable and impartial way, according to the declared Quality Policy.

Quality Policy
Environment Monitoring Department (further referred to as Laboratory), following the decisions of the Management Board, aims at fulfilling the expectations of both the present and future customers, as well as constant improvement of the quality of its services.
It is the main obligation of each employee of the Laboratory to win and hold the customers’ trust for the quality of the rendered services. The satisfaction of our customers is the most important condition of the full operational success of the laboratory.
Environment Monitoring Department possesses the certificate of the accreditation of the Polish Accreditation Centre for the scope of analysis defined in the Certificate of Accreditation no. AB 835.
The scope of offered services:
*Accredited methods according to Certificate of Accreditation no. AB 835
  1. Monitoring of water, ground water, and soil:
    • water sampling from rivers and streams*,
    • water sampling from monitoring holes and wells *,
    • wastewater sampling*,
    • field measurement of physical and chemical properties of water, ground water, and wastewater (pH, electrical and specific conductivity, temperature)*,
    • soil sampling for soil monitoring*,
    • field sampling and measurement of physical and chemical properties of water, ground water (oxygen, redox, salt content),
    • field measurement of the ground water surface and the thickness of hydrocarbon products layer.
  2. Monitoring of the exhaust gases emission to the ambient with the portable effluent gas analyzers.
    • the measurements of concentration and the emission of the exhaust gases*, together with the calculation of its volume (SO2, NO2, CO, CO2, O2, H2S),
    • taking the samples of the effluent gases on sorption pipes*;
      (aliphatic and aromatics hydrocarbons alongside with calculating their emission, as well as the performance efficiency of the vapour recovery units etc.);
    • taking the dust samples from the effluent gases*,
    • measurements of dynamic pressures from 10 Pa*,
    • flow measurement with the flow second anemometer within the range from 0,25 – 25m/s - direct method*,
    • control / regulating measurements. 

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